Air Winches

Meets worldwide standards
European standards FEM 9.511 and FEM 1001 for lifting.
U.S. Standard ASME/ANSI B30.7
Duty rating FEM 18m / ISO M3

Features :

• Light weight and compact design. Easy to carry.
• Robust steel construction.
• Automatic self-adjusting disc brake.
• Reliable gear type air motor in composite material.
• High efficiency planetary gear box.
• Flameproof by nature.
• Low noise level, quiet operation.
• Variable speed and precise positioning through direct control lever with "lift and shift" system with automatic return to neutral position or through progressive remote pendent.
• Declutchable drum on pulstar haulage versions for free spooling.
• Individually load tested before shipment-Delivered with manufacturer's test certificates.

Liftstar & Pullstar Winch Series :