Automatic Drain Valves Series LDV

Series LDV

Zero air loss
Noise free
Condensate sensing type
Design patented

The LDV series

Trident's condensate sensing type automatic drain valve is the latest advancement in drain valve technology. Instead pf operating through cycle timer, this valve sense the condensate level for activation. Ensuring absolutely no loss of compressed air hence enormous energy saving. Trident condensate sensing type drain valves are highly efficient and reliable. These drain valves can be fitted directly on the equipment simply replacing the manual drains.

Features :

The electronic level control ensures proper draining of condensate and avoids unnecessary loss of air.
All the function of the valves are accurately indicated by LED display.
Test switch (or) manual drain allows function test at anytime.
Intelligent controller detects valve, probe failure and acts accordingly.
Noise free, as air is not discharged.

Specification Model
LDV-1000 LDV-2000 LDV-3000
Maximum Working Pressure 10 Kg/cm2 16 Kg/cm2 16 Kg/cm2
Minimum Working Pressure 2 Kg/cm2 2 Kg/cm2 2 Kg/cm2
Maximum discharge Quantity 25 litres/hr 135 litres/hr 535 litres/hr
Capacity upto 250 cfm upto 1000 cfm upto 2000 cfm
Weight 1.25 Kg 3 Kg 12 Kg
Fluid Temperature 75 C 75 C 75 C
Class of protection IP55 IP55 IP55
End connection Inlet 1/2" (F) BSP 1/2"(M) BSP 1/2"(M) BSP
End connection Outlet 6mm Hose barb 1/2"(F) BSP 1/2"(F) BSP
Voltaqe 85 to 265 V 85 to 265 V 85 to 265 V
   AC 50/60 Hz, lPh AC 50/60 Hz, lPh AC 50/60 Hz, lPh
Power consumption 12 Watts 12 Watts 12 Watts
Test/Manual override button
Intelligent Controller
Dimension L x B x H 115 x 100 x 100 220 x 115 x 165 270 x 270 x 410
Valve orifice 4 mm 8 mm 8 mm