Electric Driven Two Stage-T30 Series High Pressure Air Compressors

ngersoll Rand multi-stage high pressure air compressors are designed for high pressure applications. These compressors have extra heavy-duty components and are designed for minimum maintenance and maximum performance. Multi-stage High pressure air compressors are widely used in power generation plant, PET blow moulding industry, military, diving and component testing.
Durable cast-iron with two, three and four stage design
Intermediate duty applications
Extended pump life for years of trouble-free service

Standard Scope of Supply
(for receiver mounted air compressors)

Economically priced, V - sheave (compressor pulley)
Dry type intake filter
Air cooled inter-stage cooler with condensate drain leg
Inter-stage pressure gauge
Inter-stage safety valve
Air-cooled after-cooler

Model Motor HP Free Air Delivery cfm At Workinq Pressure
35.1 kg /cm2g 70.3 kg / cm2g
231 3 4.80 -
251 5 6.45 -
7T4 5 7.86 6.40
7T2 12.5 21.60 -
15T2 20/25 37.70 36.96

High Pressure Receiver Mounted Package
Model Motor HP Free Air Delivery cfm At Workinq Pressure
35.1 kg/cm2g
251 Package 5 6.45
7T2 Package 10-12.5 21.60
1 5T2 Package 20 37.70
1 5T2 Duplex Package 40 75.40

For high pressure operation, adequate care must be taken for proper selection. We would be happy to assist you in correct selection of model. Models are also available for higher working pressures upto 351 kg/cm2 g. Details available on request.