Reciprocating Air Compressors PetStar 4

When unsurpassed performance and reliability are required, the PETStar-4 line of 4-Stage Reciprocating Air Compressors answers the challenge. Robustly designed and configured in a horizontally opposed cylinder configuration, the PETStar-4 arrangement virtually eliminates vibration with a minimal foundation requirement. By utilizing four stages of compression, the PETStar-4 is capable of providing unsurpassed compressor efficiency.

Lower stage compression ratios reduce the cylinder operating temperatures and extend the life of valves, rings and packing. To simplify installation, all PETStar-4 units feature a heavy duty welded steel sub base and are available with a matching air treatment component package. Whether you require a compressor for in-line molding or capacity to support a large production operation, there is a PETStar-4 package to meet your needs.

Model Frequency (Hz) Rated Pressure (barg / psig) Nominal Power (kW / hp) Flow  (m3min / cfm)
PS4-1500 50    260 / 350 25.5 / 900
PS4-1700 50    300 / 400 28.5 / 1006
PS4-1900 50    335 / 450 32.1 / 1132
PS4-2100 50    375 / 500 35.7 / 1262
PS4-2300 50    390 / 525 39.2 / 1386
PS4-2500 50    410 / 550 42.6 / 1503
PS4-2800 50    450 / 600 47.5 / 1678
PS4-3000 50    500 / 675 50.8 / 1793
PS4-3300 50    560 / 750 56.1 / 1982

Non lubricated 100% oil-free water-cooled design
Four-stage balanced opposed layout eliminates unwanted vibration
All double-acting, heavy-duty class-40 cast iron cylinder construction
Sleeve type main and connecting rod bearings
Endurable 16,000 hour rated piston rings & packing
Anticorrosion coating on all system air piping
Crankshaft-driven main oil pump
Electrical-driven prepublication system
Large cast-in water jackets for dimensional stability under extreme conditions
Conservatively designed valves selected to provide extra-long life
Lowest interstate temperatures and pressures
Intercoolers/after coolers selected for optimal 9°C(15°F) approach temperature
Distance pieces feature two compartments, ensuring lubricant is isolated from cylinders
Three-step capacity control 0%-50%100%
Advanced CMC main compressor controller with 1,000-event logging capability built-in
IP-55 TEFC, 6-pole main drive motor
Star-delta main motor starter
All components constructed in accordance with World Standards and stamped as applicable
Available in Basic or Intermediate package configuration with optional piped and mounted dryer and receiver
Available rod drop position wear indicators