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The heart of the SIERRA oil-free rotary screw air compressor is our superior two-stage compression module. Our rotors are precision-machined in a twenty-step manufacturing process that ensures unmatched rotor profile accuracy and repeatability. By using the highest quality bearings and precision gearing to maintain exact alignment of the rotors, you are assured of years of reliable, efficient service. Generously sized, anti-friction bearings easily handle all expected loads to keep the airend running smoothly. In the vital sealing arrangement, the SIERRA uses durable stainless steel for the air seals and a timeproven labyrinth design for the oil seals. This combination protects the rotors from lubrication impurities while keeping the loss of air through leakage to an absolute minimum, ensuring the continuous flow of clean, oil-free compressed air. The precision gearing incorporated in the compression module drive design optimizes both speed and rotor timing, providing trouble-free performance over a long life. And the improved lip seal on the bull gear drive input shaft eliminates any opportunity for oil leakage into the SIERRA package.


Surface preparation creates minute crevices in our rotors and housing that tightly grip the ultracoat coating. The result is the most durable performance on the market, lowering our customers' energy costs and increasing the life of the airend in the oil-free compressor.

50 Hz Sierra 200-300 kW Performance

Free Air Delivery - m3 / min
Model 7 bar g 8.5 bar g 10 bar g
200 35.0 32.6 27.4
250 45.2 41.5 35.5
300 - - 43.3

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