Electric Motors

Hindustan Electric Motors
HMM Motors are manufactured according to Indian & International Standards:
Description Indian Standard
Three phase induction motor specification IS 325-1996
Energy efficient induction motors – Three phase squirrel cage IS 12615-2004
Classification of degrees of Protection IS 4691-1985
Methods of cooling IS 6362-1971
Symbols of construction and mounting arrangement IS 2253-1974
Terminal marking and direction of rotation IS 4728-1975
Permissible limits of noise levels for rotating electrical machines IS 12065-1987
Dimensions and output for electric machines IS 1231-1974 (Foot mounted motors)
IS 2223-1983 (Flange mounted motors)
Mechanical vibration of rotating electrical machines IS 12075-1987
Other Specifications : Energy Efficiency: IEEMA: 19-2000; CEMEP Agreement.
Inter Plant Standard for Steel Industries: IPSS-1-03-007.

All the motors are manufactured in Quality Assurance System Compliant with ISO 9001. The motors covered by the present catalogue comply with the regulations and standards consistent with IS & IEC standards.