Compressed Air Dryer DP Series

Compressed Air Dryer (Heatless) :

We offer heatless compressed air dryer which are the simplest form of desiccant type gas or air dryer (drier). Our products range is perfect for achieving a dew point of -400C for compressed air dryer systems and other gas and air dryer (drier) applications.

Heatless Air Dryer Systems - DP Series

Extensive Mimic display with Electronic Controller
Energy saving purge economiser
Stainless Steel Filters Catridges
Fabrication Code : IS 2825
Dewpoint better than -40º C

Optional Of Heatless Air Dryer Systems

Fabrication Code : ASME SEC VIII DIV I
Dewpoint based changeover

How to Order Heatless Air Dryer Systems :

Highlight :
Purge Economiser :
By setting a switch in the controller at a percentage of maximum flow, the controller will close the purge valve when sufficient purge air has been used. This reduces purge loss according to air usage. The purge loss, which is 14% normally reduces to as low as 5.6%.

No pressure spike :

During changeovers ensures long desiccant life.
Selection Example

Requirement :  
Flow Volume : 175 cfm
Working Pressure : 6 Kg / cm2
Inlet air Temperature : 450c
Referring the Graphs : Factor (T) = 0.9 Factor (P) = 0.88
Dryer capacity required :
Flow Volume 175

Factor (T) x Factor (P) 0.9 x 0.88
= 220.9 cfm

Specification of Heatless Air Dryer Systems :

Model Inlet Flow cfm End Connection Dimensions (mm) Weight Kg
Height Width Depth
DP - 192 114 1" BSP 2000 750 650 380
DP -288 172 1" BSP 2050 750 650 440
DP - 384 229 1 1/2" BSP 2100 750 650 550
DP - 480 286 2" NB 1670 1100 1300 620
DP - 576 343 2" NB 1880 1100 1300 700
DP - 768 458 2"NB 1810 1200 1300 850
DP -960 572 2"NB 1830 1300 1300 950
DP -1440 860 3"NB 1975 1500 1500 1265
DP - 1920 1144 3"NB 2100 1500 1500 1575

Operating voltage - 230 V AC 50 Hz 1 Ph.
For any other capacity contact factory.
Specifications are subject to change without notification.

Principle or operation (Heatless Air Dryer Systems)

Pre-filteration :
The moisture laden compressed air passes through the pre filter, here moisture load is reduced through coalescence. Condensation is removed through the drain valve ADV1. At the oil filter oil vapours are removed completely, small level of water condensation is purged through the valve ADV2.

Drying :

(Please refer figure) The Towers are filled with Activated Alumina as desiccant (Molecular sieve available as option). When air passes through Tower 1 which consists of ”DRY” Desiccant, it gets completely dried, and passes through check valve and after filter. At the after filter, Desiccant fines are removed. Therefore dry compressed air passes out at the outlet.

Compressed Air Dryer DP Series

Regeneration :

(Please refer figure) Regeneration takes place in 2 stages a) De-pressurisation b) By passing Dry air. Tower II consists of fully moist desiccant at pressure. This is suddenly De-pressurised by opening the purge valve. Water molecules seep out of the desiccant and appear on the surface. “Super Dry” purge air passes through the Regeneration “Nozzle” and the desiccant bed thereby completely carrying away the water molecules. Tower II gets regenerated and is ready for the next drying cycle after the re-pressurisation.

Inlet Temperature Correction Factor & Inlet Pressure Correction Factor :

Compressed Air Dryer DP Series