Electric Driven Single Two Stage Dry Type Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Pump

Vacuum is one of the most versatile of power sources. It can lift, hold, compact, evacuate, move, dehydrate, agitate, actuate, form, rotate, filter, clean and simulate high altitude. In printing, plastics, materials handling, food processing, packaging, health care and many other industries, vacuum is called upon to perform many essential functions. Producing a vacuum for modern industrial applications requires a method of air removal that is simple, dependable and economical to operate and maintain.

Model Piston Displacement cfm Vacuum (Hg) inch Motor HP
V235 21.60 29,00 1.5
V235T 10.80 29.60 1.5
V244 34.60 29.00 2.0
V244T 17.30 29.65 2.0
V255 60.00 29.00 5.0
V255T 30.00 29.70 5.0
7V 110.00 29.00 7.5
7vT 55.00 29.65 7.5
15V 149.60 29.20 10.0
15VT 99.00 29.65 10.0

All of these requirements are met by the Ingersoll Rand T30 air cooled reciprocating single stage and two Stage vacuum pumps. These pumps achieve vacuum upto 737mm (29.0˜ Hg) for single stage and upto 754.4mm (29.7˜ Hg) for two stage configuration, at sea level. Single Stage & Two Stage dry type vacuum pumps are ideal for paper handling, food processing, vacuum forming, liquid transfer and many other applications.