Air Conditioner Motors

Sumved International is the Authorized Channel Partner for Marathon Electric India Pvt. Ltd. for Pan India.

We have a wide range of Electric Motors like Air Conditioner Motors, Refrigeration Motors, Air Moving Solutions, Grinder Motors, General Purpose Motors, DC Motors / Electronically Commutated Motors (ECM), Air Cooler Motors & Exhaust Fans etc.

Our proven wet rice grinder & spice grinder motor range of AUE design with high starting torque ability in Fr-30/NEMA Fr-42/ NEMA Frame48/Fr-56 sell across pan-India, particularly the Southern part of it, manufactured with precise controlled parameters to serve the user with apt quality of batter & spices. We can also cater to the low-cost wet rice grinder motor market through equivalent designs.

Air Conditioner Motors are Precisely casted & machined aluminum end shields fitted with babbitt sleeve bearings & lubricated by Perma wick grease allow it 30000 hrs. or more of bearing life with continuous running at rated load conditions.

Laminations designed for high torque and efficiency and as low noise, suitable for 4/6/8 pole winding configuration make it the preferred choice of customers. These motors are available with closed & open construction, rugged ball & sleeve bearings in copper & aluminum winding options. For years together, our motors have kept pace with customers in their efforts to over-exceed the BEE-designated air conditioner star ratings.

Features of Air Conditioner Motors:

• Efficient Electrical design and precise rotor-stator slot combination give cool, quite operation and lower inputs
• Precision machined surfaces for correct alignment of shaft and bearings
• lnner and outer slingers return oil to wicks for longer life through greater oil retention
• Lubricant system uses only highest quality oil with acid and oxidation inhibitors

 Shaded Pole PSC Motors

Technical Specification of Air Conditioner Motors:

 Shaded Pole PSC Motors