Ingersoll-Rand Evolution Compressors

Boost Your Profitability Boosting your company’s profits was the main goal that Ingersoll Rand had in mind when it designed the revolutionary NE-T Series line of integrated rotary screw air solutions. So how can a compressed air system help you increase profitability? The answer is really pretty simple, by ensuring that you achieve highest productivity in your shop while minimizing the total costs of ownership to the absolute lowest levels.

The NE-T Series is more than an integrated air system, it’s a complete air solution designed to maximize the key drivers of profitability in today’s business:

• Uptime Reliability
• Shop Productivity
• Flexibility Of Operation
• Energy Efficiency & Savings

Low Cost of Ownership
Our Refrigerated Dryers offer design features that reduce energy consumption and improve reliability

• Corrosion resistant heat exchangers reduce airflow restrictions, providing more efficient throughput with less wasted energy; a built-in stainless steel de-mister efficiently removes all moisture.
• Dryer’s Microprocessor based control with an easy to use graphic interface lets the operator adjust and manage system parameters easily and efficiently.
• Variable speed fans reduce power consumption when units operate at less than maximum cooling capacity, while ensuring a consistent dew point.
• Reliable, totally hermetic compressors use environment friendly refrigerants.
• The programmable electronic drain valve is fully adjustable to help minimise air loss.


ingersoll rand evolution compressors

Value for Money

Designed with advanced technology to produce more volume of air, makes it a cost effective solution.

ingersoll rand evolution compressors

Long Life Synthetic Ultra Coolant TM

Biodegradable synthetic Ultra Coolant Tm with 8,000 hours long life helf you to reduce maintenance cost and increase productivity.

Advanced Cooling

Advanced Cooling

Optimally designed blower reduces power cost by eleminating the need for extra fan motor and provides efficient cooling in 460C ambient environment.

One Stop Solution

Complete solution for compressor and accessories including air receivers, air dryers and air filters.

Xe-Series Controller

High-tech Xe-Series controller, satisfies all-around requirements from our customers. Increase efficiency and stabilizes pressure by sequencing upto 4 Xe-controlled compressors without additional hardware.

Dual-Control Operation

Reliable and effective load/no-load control with automatic stop and restart facility for maximum flexibility.