Oxygen Generator

Working Principle :

Air from the dryer is sent through the coalescing filter. Here water and oil coalesces, gets purged through the auto drain valve. Here uses two aluminium tower filled with molecular sieves to ensure continuous production. The dry air passes through the aluminium tower. Nitrogen is tied to a molecular sieve during building of pressure on aluminium tower and then the Oxygen is let out through the outlet port for use. While Pressure Building on aluminium tower, second remains without pressure. A part of produced gas is used for the regeneration of the molecular sieves. For Oxygen Zeolite type sieves is used and it will be fully regenerative.

Applications :

• Fish Forming
• Sewage Treatment
• Veterinary
• Welding and Brazing
• Battery manufacturing
• Cement and Lime Kilns
• Melting
• Pulp & Paper
• Mining & Gold Processing
• Bead Making, Lamp working, Glass blowing
• Ozone Generator
• Medical
• Rough Cutting
• Mini Steel mills
• Metal Spraying
• Furance Enrichment
• Chemical Oxidation
• Fermentation